Monday, October 18, 2010

President Obama (Finally) Gets It...

Anyone who has followed this site for any extended period of time knows where I stand on President Obama. I still support the man, albeit with not as much enthusiasm as when I took days off work to assist with the campaign in 2008. I think he's had some significant legislative victories, some of which were purely circumstantial due to the House and Senate majorities, some of which were borne of his own effort. I think his leadership style and decision making in choosing the team around him has been woefully lacking. I don't regret voting for him, and won't hesitate to pull the lever again in 2012. Overall, I think he's done an average job as President, but he still has the potential to be great provided he makes the necessary adjustments.

I've also been critical at times, mostly regarding his lack of foresight in dealing with the GOP in the quest for that mythical entity known as bipartisanship. He misunderestimated[1] just how desperate they would be to regain power. When they intentionally distorted his signature healthcare reform bill, he didn't act quickly enough to counter these fallacies. He allowed the GOP to pile billions of dollars in tax cuts into the Stimulus package, only to have them reneg on any promised votes of support, and paint the entire package as rampant spending. He stood by idly as a buffoon named Robert Gibbs who was woefully unprepared for the job of Press Secretary did little to combat a mountain of misinformation that changed public perceptions of his policies. He didn't realize the need to sell the messy and annoying public relations stuff along with the policies themselves. In short, committed the cardinal sin of politricks: never underestimate your opponent. Now, months later, the GOP, with narry a fresh idea for fixing any of the issues that plague us, are poised to regain the House and possibly the Senate. And now, it's time for reflection.

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I'm sure ya'll have already heard about last week's NY Times interview in which Obama and Co. recapped their mistakes to date, and talked about what needed to be done to get things back on track if he wants to serve two terms. If you haven't read it yourself, sans the biased media filter, I'd suggest you do. It's a fascinating, albeit long, story that more or less recaps all the myriad rookie mistakes and miscalculations that I've harped on repeatedly here. If nothing else, it gives you a sense that Obama, in his own words, reads the field exactly like we do here at He knows where he messed up, what he would have redone differently, and what he needs to do next.

Anyways, since I've been intentionally off the political tip for a minute, I figured I'd open the discussion back up now that November 2nd is nearing.

Question: What tactical errors has the Obama White House committed? Do you think the GOP will take over the House and/or Senate in November? What will Obama have to do to work with a rebalanced Capitol Hill to get things done over the next two years if this happens?

[1] Yeah, it's a word.

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