Thursday, October 21, 2010

Go Sit Down (For Good), Juan Williams.

I got forwarded this clip showing Fox News' resident Allen Iverson-lookalike Juan Williams making a very, very stoopid comment about Muslims by nearly 20 people earlier this week.

I've defended Williams in the past as the sole voice of reason amidst Fox News' sea of hatred. No, he isn't the "textbook liberal" (neither am I) but more times than not, the guy's the only person on the entire network that says what I'd probably say if put in the same situation. Of course, his frequent missteps (ie: that Michelle Obama/Stokeley Carmichael comment, defending Rush Limbaugh) tend to overshadow this, and most folks see Williams as just another Fox propagandist, if not a bootlickin' Uncle Thomas. Needless to say, I don't agree with this.

I once "met" Williams, long ago in the DC studios while I was doing my ill-fated stint at NPR. It was little more than a quick "and who the heck are you?" in the green room before I went on as he dropped in to say hi to another guest. He seemed like a nice enough guy. So maybe that why I was willing to give Williams the benefit of the doubt for something as truly ignant as this.

I mean, come on, what the f*ck were you thinking, Juan? The whole "I'm not racist" disclaimer. The "they all look alike to me too" sentiment. The obvious pandering to O'Reilly. The racial profiling double-standard. It was just so out of character, even though he tried to smooth it over.

And now, since you don't eff' around with Liberals, Juan is out of a job.
National Public Radio said it terminated the contract of a news analyst after he said on a Fox News show that he gets nervous when he sees people with Muslim garb on planes.

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Juan Williams had worked at NPR for a long time, but his other job as an analyst on the "largely conservative and often contentious prime time talk shows of Fox News has long been a sore point with NPR News executives," an article on NPR's website said.

Williams made the comments recently on Bill O'Reilly's show "The O'Reilly Factor."

Williams worked for 21 years at The Washington Post and hosted a national call-in show with NPR for a year along with being a news analyst for the radio company, according to his biography on NPR's website.
Strangely, given how contentious he usually is with his fellow Fox Newsers, I could see how this could actually turn out as a career boost for Williams in an odd way. The very same Conservatives who usually assail him as being an Obama bootlicker have predictably jumped to his defense, touting this as yet another example of how the liberal lamestream media stifles free speech. I sure hope Juan doesn't get too gassed up behind this newfound support. Don't forget these very same people hated your guts just a few days ago, buddy. They will hate you again. Believe that.

While I found Williams' comments terribly hateful and ignorant, I don't necessarily think they warranted an automatic loss of Day Job. Definitely a sincere on-air apology, and probably a lengthy suspension, but not the hook. The again, Williams' contract with Fox News has frequently been a sore spot for über-liberal NPR, so this little Muslim slur was probably just the final straw.

Question: Should Juan Williams have lost his NPR Day Job for this anti-Muslim comment? Will this only raise his profile with Conservatives, or do the same "martydor" rules not exactly apply to an independent like Williams?

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