Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Black Republicans Play "The Race Card"... vs The GOP?!?

The big mid-term elections are just around the corner, and with the GOP expected to regain control of the House, the chances of a couple of Black Republicans have been mostly overlooked. Tim Scott in South Carolina, and Col. Allen West[1] in Florida have good shots to become the first Negroes on the GOP side of the House since JC Watts finally wised up and went back home. Scott's win came out of nowhere with little party push and probably had a lot to do with his opponent's last name. West is a Tea Party favorite who's gotten a decent push from the party, but might pull defeat from the jaws of victory now that some not-so-nice allegations are coming forth.

Of course, there two aren't the only black Republicans running for House seats, they just happen to be the ones in best position. We've covered lots of these GOP longshots here at AB.com in the past, but I've always gotten the impression that they aren't really getting the resources needed to make a legitimate push. As much as Michael Steele talks about big tents, I could only the GOP's outward hostility towards minorities shows up inside the party at times. And now, with little push from the party and little chance of winning, a few Black GOP House candidates are committing the cardinal sin of Conservatism. That's right, these ungrateful Negroes had the nerve to play the race card.
Three long-shot African-American Republican House candidates are fuming at national party leaders for not doing enough to help get them elected.

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Campaign managers for Chuck Smith in Virginia, Charlotte Bergmann in Tennessee and Marvin Scott in Indiana all said the support they've received from GOP leaders this cycle has been dismal. They added that there could be consequences for the party if they are elected to Congress next year.

Jerry Alexander, campaign manager for Marvin Scott, who is challenging Rep. Andre Carson (D), said the Scott campaign has received virtually no help from state or national GOP leaders.

The Scott campaign is miffed that Steele traveled last week with his bus tour to Rep. Dan Burton's nearby 5th district but didn't stop at Scott's district, about 3 miles away.

Smith's campaign manager, Lisa Creeden, said she wishes her boss could count on the party's help; no Republican has held Virginia's 3rd district in 18 years.

"We're looking at pastors who have stepped away from the Democratic Party machine to say we can't support this man anymore and we want the Republican," Creeden said.

She added that the GOP has created challenges for Smith, including pulling the campaign's access to a voter vault earlier this year.

"I think the Republican Party is going to damage themselves with the African-American community," Creeden said. "I understand part of it is they are focused on races they can win easily, but our point is we couldn't necessarily win this easily, but we can still win it. The effort to reach out to the African-American community will pay out in future elections."
"The Republican Party is going to damage themselves with the African-American community."

Uh, scuse me, but if this heifer serious? What rock has she been living under, ohhh, the past 30-some years? Have you heard of Willie Horton? "Paling around with terrorists"? Do you watch the news in your own backyard?[1]

Sorry if this seems harsh, but I have no sympathy for candidates of this sort who continually trash the black community, but then act shocked that they can't get any votes.

Negro please.

Question: Do these candidates have a legitimate beef with the GOP for not supporting them or should they have known better from the jump?

Black GOP Candidates Accuse Part of Ignoring Them [Yahoo!]

[1] No disrespect to those in the military, but what sorta self-respecting Negro still has a high-top fade in 2010?!?

[2] Could someone please tell that sista to take that BlueTooth earpiece off? BlueTooth earpieces are the 2010 equivalent of wearing rollers and a showercap in public.

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