Sunday, October 31, 2010

AverageNation™ Week 3 Is Coming!!!

That's right folks, it's about that time again. It's been a minute, but AverageNation™ Week is coming soon, and I'm looking for participants.

To the clueless, or newbies, or both, AverageNation™ Week is when readers like you write posts for The topics can be about anything you'd like. Personal stuff. Views on the world. Creative loafing. You name it. If you've ever wanted to jump on a 3,000 views/day soapbox and sound off, this is your time.

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I'm looking for participants now. Holler at me, pitch your idea and let me know what's good. I'll choose 5 folks and run their posts here. As an added wrinkle, the post that gets the most comments wins an Prize Pack.

If you're in, let me know.

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