Friday, October 8, 2010

Ashy Or Classy?!? - The First Ladies.

They Should Have Never Gave You N*ggas ProTools!!!

...or a green screen. Or EBT cards for that matter.

You've surely already seen the latest viral video sensation making laps about the NegroNet™ by now. It's not too different from the equally low-budget Smokahontas Jones video of a few months back, which also bragged about sellin' p*ssy.

Reactions around the web have been universal: These chicks are rappin' about sellin' cooch, yet call themselves the First Ladies. How dare they shame Michelle O's title! cRap music is ruining our kids. Blah blah blah.

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While this new Hoe-Hop™ genre of music is getting annoying, personally, this doesn't bug me much. The subject matter's sorta lame, but how different is this than the other 500 songs currently in rotation on your local Hot/Kiss/Power/Jamz at the moment? All those songs talk about the same thing: dudes paying for sex and women expecting money/cars/clothes in exchange for sex. At least these ladies are cutting to the chase. How are they any different than Nicki Minaj, or Diamond, or Trina? Same sh*t, different lacefront.

Besides, I kinda like this. The second chick actually has a nice voice/flow, and the beat's a knockoff Gucci Mane/Wocka Flacka/OJ Da' JuiceMan number. Cop your headphones and listen. That sh*t is knockin'.

I'm gonna give this a Moderately Ashy, mostly because the video is so turrible. Can these Negroes even spell tripod? But lemme say I don't mind the subject matter, and the song itself isn't the worst sh*t I've heard this week.

Question: Ashy Or Classy? Do these chicks need to stay on the track, or can they keep layin' tracks?

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