Thursday, October 14, 2010's Black Weblog Awards Interview.

Once, long ago, in a blogosphere far, far away, I won a Black WebLog Award for the "Blog To Watch". It was a huge accomplishment for this blog, which was barely in existence 6 months at the time, and brought many new members to AverageNation™, some of whom still comment here today. It also gave this blog the web-cred that opened the doors at NPR, The Washington Post, and my current side-gig at AOL BlackVoices.[1]

In the subsequent years, I haven't even gotten a sniff of an annual award from the fine folks at BlackWebLog, but hey I'm not bitter. Who, me bitter? No way.[2] I guess all's well that ends well. Recently, they caught up with me to find out how cyber-life has changed since this major accomplishment, and I happily complied.

You can read the brief interview here.

[1] I keep forgetting to link to my stories over here, but go check me out. I drop a new post 3 times a week, and response has been really good.

[2] Okay, I sorta am.

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