Friday, October 22, 2010 Hot Topics - 10.22.10

Juan Williams Gets That Arab A-Rod Money - Well, never let it be said that Fox News isn't "inclusive". Just hours after getting fired from NPR, the network inked Juan Williams to a 3 year, $2M contract extension. I'm a bit curious as to why the network publicly disclosed the financial terms of the contract, which is pretty much a no-no in media circles. Anyways, if Juan's smart, he'll know he's really made a deal with the devil now, and that he'll need to be on his P's and Q's even more. If he thinks Fox is paying good money for some wishy-washy Obama supporter, he clearly knows nothing about their concept of "free speech". I see this one ending badly. Mark my words. And while we're at it, someone tell Mr. Williams to quit playing the "victim" role. Negro please.

Palin And Co. "Refudiate" NPR For Firing Williams - I know it's a popular talking point, but pulling the little Federal funding NPR gets isn't going to put a dent in their coffers. Caribou Barbie please. And no, Williams' "right to free speech" wasn't violated. He was an employee of a company, they've wanted to can him for awhile, and after this incident they fired him. Period. He could lawyer up, but clearly he isn't. The funny thing is, you know Conservatives are only behind Juan because he said something they agree with, and wish they could have said. If Williams had gotten fired from NPR for making a sexist comment about Palin, would she be coming to his defense? Of course not. The fact is, his anti-Muslim comment is in lock-step with the network's current narrative. That's the only reason why he's now their hero. Like I said, watch you back, Juan.

Michelle-O's Oprah Effect - A Harvard Business Review study by NYU professor David Yermack reveals that Mrs. Obama earned designer brands and the stores that sell them $2.7 billion from the 189 public appearances she made between November 2008 and December 2009, according to New York magazine. Take that, Oprah!

NAACP Report Shows Racism In The Tea Party - In in related news, the sun rose this morning, and set last evening. Seriously, what clown is running the NAACP? Do they have any concept of timeliness? This story essentially died a year ago, yet here they are dredging it up yet again on the eve of the mid-term elections. What's the point, guys? We get it. Some folks in the Tea Party are indeed racist. Why keep running this into the ground? Do you really think it's helping restore the little remaining integrity you guys had when you tossed Shirley Sherrod under the bus? Your picture is now in the dictionary beside the term "day late and a dollar short". Bourgeois Negroes please.

Question: Does Juan Williams need to be extra-careful now that Fox broke him off that huge contract? Do you get style cues from Michelle-O? What's the NAACP trying to prove that hundreds of Tea Party signs didn't already prove back in 2009?

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