Saturday, September 4, 2010

Politricks As Usual - Weekend Edition.

Obama's Approval Rating Hits 50% Again - Not that anyone noticed, but due to his handling of the Iraq pullout, Obama got a nice bounce on the latest opinion polls and has eclipsed the 50% mark for the first time since I can remember. Sure, these things are fleeting, and can change on the whim, but I suppose this is indeed an indication that most "real Americans" think getting the heck outta at least one of our pointless wars was a good idea.

The Unemployment Rate Rises, But There's Good News - And no, the "good news" doesn't have a Geico punchline. While there's little to celebrate about more Americans being unemployed, the private sector showed positive job growth for the 8th straight month, with the net of 65k jobs beating the forecast of 44k. Oddly, for a President accused of "being a Socialist" hellbent on taking over everything, public sector jobs are when a bulk of the job loss continues to occur. Could the private sector numbers be better? Sure. But by comparison, they look really good when you consider all the fiscal problems states are having, thus leading to all these layoffs. Now, imagine just how bad things would be had the Stimulus package not been in place to limit the damage.

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Jan Brewer's Epic Meltdown - Man, I almost, I repeat, almost felt bad for Arizona Governor Jan Brewer when she had that meltdown during a gubernatorial debate the other night. Man, that was painful. Just painful.

Then again, eff' Jan Brewer for making up BS stories about beheaded corpses being found in the desert to scare folks into voting for her and her racist legislation passing a$$. Seriously, the numbers of illegal immigrants and the violent crimes associated with them have been falling for years. Stoking fear and xenophobia for political gain are nothing to applaud or reward. I hope the fine folks in the Valley of The Sun send this CryptKeeper back to her tomb come November.

Question: Does the Obama White House need better PR folks? What's up with Brewer?

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