Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The GOP's "Stimulus Plan" For Black America: Rent-A-Slave.

I get forwarded some pretty wacky sh*t by readers and fellow bloggers all the time, and very few of these ideas make it past the cyber cutting room floor, onto Sometimes I simply don't have any angle for a story, it's just that freakin' mind blowing. Thanks alot, RiPPa.

This would be one such story.
Several photos taken at the National Federation of Republican Women's Board of Directors meeting last week here in Charleston are creating a buzz online.

The FitsNews blog posted a number of photos that it claims were taken at the meeting last Friday night at the "Southern Experience" night at the Country Club of Charleston.

The photos show a number of people, including State Senate President Glenn McConnell dressed in Confederate clothes. One photo shows his standing between two black people dressed in period clothes.
I don't have the space (or stomach) for all the photos here, but you can go peep the rest at

Okay, I guess I do have something to say after all.

The obvious question is, is this the GOP's idea of fun? I mean, seriously, at what point does romanticizing the past get a wee bit old? You always tell black folks to get over slavery, how about ya'll get over this sh*t? Is this what the TeaBaggers mean when they say they want to "take our country back"? If so, I'm prolly gonna catch the next flight to Toronto. Lake Ontario's lovely at this time of year.

On the flipside, maybe we shouldn't be so hard on the fine colored folks in these photos. Yeah, if it talks like a jig, and walks like a jig, it prolly is jiggin'. But maybe there's another story here. These folks mighta really needed the money to pay their rent, and dressing up like runaway slaves could have spared them the indignity of sleeping on the streets, or God forbid, having to apply for unemployment and thus mooching off the gubb'ment teet.

So maybe we should thank the GOP for keeping more Negroes gainfully employed.[1] Perhaps Confederacy re-enactments are some weird stimulus package they've yet to unveil to combat double digit black unemployment.

Or just maybe these folks don't realize the joke's on them.

Question: What the heck is this GOP Party all about?!? If given the choice of not paying rent, and playing Uncle Remus for $200, which would you do?

How Republicans Party [FitsNews]

[1] Then again, if this was a true re-enactment, these folks didn't get paid at all.

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