Thursday, September 30, 2010

Give The Drummer Some...

The latest "viral" rage taking laps around cyberspace is a clip from last night's Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, a show I swear I didn't even know was still on. While the novelty of this clip[1] is likely to wear off soon, I'll give Jimmy Fallon, who was just as lousy on SNL as he is on this show, some credit for doing one thing right: hiring The Legendary Roots Crew as the in-house band.

Their ability to pull this off is much more impressive than watching Justin Timberlake[2] pretend to be Humpty Hump.

[1] Come on, the whole "white folks rappin' is funny" thing is sooo 92'. Fallon and Timberlake grew up on hip-hop just like I did. I wish this comedic staple would die a miserable death, like yesterday.

[2] All jokes aside, this guy definitely has a future in movies/TV. Why this hasn't happened yet is beyond me. Somebody needs a better agent.

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