Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Did This Sista Really Ether Obama?!?

Not that ya'll saw it, but yesterday there was apparently some townhall on CNBC, and a black female Obama supporter stood up and asked a question that has Conservatives frothing at the mouth.

Those at Fox News and pretty much every Conservative talkshow I scanned on my way to work this morning were looping this clip over and over without context, apparently to show how black folks have supposedly turned on The Beige One.

But is that really what happened? Of course not. Lets go to the full tape.

Call me nuts, but it seems like the woman gave a perfectly reasonable question, emphatically phrased so that it isn't dismissed. It also seems like the President gave a reasonable answer, emphasizing what he's done well, while taking the hit for what hasn't gone as well. The woman was congenial, and seemed to accept the President's answer. She didn't exactly toss a pot of hot grits at him, so I'm assuming they're still cool.

In short, it's probably the very same sort of conversation I'd have with the President had I been invited. I don't see how it somehow signals a loss of support in "the community", merely that black people also have valid concerns, and want to hold the President accountable. Likewise, he takes responsibility.

No harm, no foul.

Question: Did this woman call Obama out? If you could ask the President a question, what would it be?

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