Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dear Eddie Long: Just Come Clean, Already.

[Editor's Note: I was gonna hold this one till tomorrow, but I got a big piece on AOL dropping then, and this one's already all over the web, so here, have at it.]

I have no problem admitting when I might could be wrong. I'm married to a Black Woman, this is practically a survival mechanism for crissakes.

Earlier this week, when word broke that Bishop Eddie Long was being accused of sexual impropriety with minors, I naturally sided with the pastor. I don't know the kids, and the whole nature of the thing just screamed shakedown. I do sorta know Long, in a "friend in my head" way from watching hour upon hour of his televised sermons. So, when in doubt, I sided with the person I least suspected of being capable of such ratchetness.

That said, I'm officially not ridin' with Eddie Long no more. [||] Not after the latest development in this soon-to-completely-unravel chuuch drama. Why? Cause a 3rd accuser just came forward. And oh yeah, cause Eddie Long's got cellphone camera pics that just leaked, and they ain't cool. Peep em'. Or don't.Come on, bruh, really? The ole' muscle shirt and biker pants combo? Really?You just know this whole thing's gonna culminate in either some explicit photos of Eddie's Longfellow, or a sex tape. You just know it. These photos were allegedly presented as evidence by the guys accusing Long of longstrokin' taking advantage of them. Sure, they could be completely Photoshopped, but R. Kelly's sex tape coulda also been a Disney Pixar creation. In other words, I doubt it.

As a straight man, I gotta say this sh*t looks bad, bad, bad for Eddie.

I mean, come on Ed, really? In what parallel universe does a grown, crusty assed man take cell phone camera pics in a bathroom mirror, send them to another guy, and not think that sh*t looks suspect? Hell, these pics/poses would even be jive suspect if you sent them to your wife, let alone another dude.

So, just for the record,'s stance on Eddie Long is officially suspect.

Question: After this latest development, does the likelihood that Long's innocent decrease in your eyes, or did you think dude was suspect all along?

Bishop Eddie Long Pictures Paint an Uncomfortable Image [AOLBV]

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