Friday, September 10, 2010

Are You Ready For Some Football?!?

Sports fans nationwide prolly still have their panties in a bunch after last night's thrilling Saints/Vikes game kicked off the NFL season, but ya'll know how I feel about the NFL and football in general. I really don't give a crap. Football's just a diversion to keep me moderately entertained until NBA training camp opens just 3 weeks from now. The first preseason game is October 3rd. John Wall's first game in a Wiz jersey isn't too long after that, and yeah, I'll be there.

Until then, well, at least there's something to watch on TV in the interim. If you're an NFL fan, and suddenly feeling slighted, then welcome to my world, buddy this open post's for you. Anyways, I'll throw a few questions out there, just to get the ball rolling:

Darrell Revis - Will his holdout end up effecting team chemistry, for a Jets squad that's clearly on some SuperBowl Or Die sh*t? BTW, when did black folks start getting all fancy with the pronunciations of common names. Negro, your name is DARR-URL, not DUH-RELL. Please.

Albert Haynesworth - How many games will he repeat his typical "kill em' in the first half, lay down with phantom injury in the 3rd quarter" routine before Coach Shanahan puts him on the PUP list?

Donovan McNabb - Does he have anything left? Even if he does, aren't the Skins guaranteed a 6-10 record, just because they're the Skins?

The T.O./Ochocino Show - Lame as their reality shows were, how likely is it that these two primadonnas can actually mesh on the field? How long before one guy starts complaining about being overlooked on offense?

Jason Campbell - Will his legendary incompetence follow him to the Bay Area, or will he lead a Raiders resurgence?

Brett Favre - Will he ever freakin' retire quit making pauseworthy commercials like this one? Seriously, WTF?

Tom Brady - How will that stoopid Justin Beiber haircut yesterday's car accident effect his on-field performance? What's up with Randy Moss' whining?

Chris Johnson - Can this guy actually go for 2,500 yards like he's predicting, or is this just typical preseason jibber jabber? Is 2,500 even humanly possible?

Drew Brees - Can he put the Saints on his back for another Super Bowl run?

Question: Who's gonna win it all this year?!? How many days before your favorite NBA team heads to camp?

BTW, If you want a nice preview, check out my main man Ed The Sportsfan.

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