Thursday, September 16, 2010 Open Mic

Ya'll know the drill. I have a real Day Job, and sometimes they actually require me to do real work. Today would be one such day. I'm down here in Atlanta (shawty!), probably fighting for my professional life as you read this.[1] Needless to say, ya'll are on your own today.

Throw some topics at each other and see what sticks. In case you need some fodder, here goes.

Tea Party Won Big On Tuesday Night - How will this effect the November elections?

Obama's Indoctrination Speech: Take II - Did anyone even realize he gave a speech to school kids earlier this week? Where are all the folks who were basically accusing him of doing Nazi recruitment last year?

Adrian Fenty Gets Clobbered - DC's own "Obama" loses mayoral re-election bid.

Dow Continues To Soar - DJIA once again near 2010 high mark, pushing 11,000. Is it finally safe to check your 401K statement?

Reggie Bush Gives Back The Heisman - Should Vince Young, the runner-up, get it now?

I'll see ya'll Monday, if not sooner.

[1] Okay, that's hyperbole. But I've got a critical client presentation on the line Friday, so again, ya'll are on your own.

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