Thursday, September 2, 2010 Hot Topics - Discovery Standoff, Kanye, AppleTV.

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I'm busy today, here's the rundown...

Discovery Standoff - It's not often that my adopted hometown makes the news. Yesterday Silver Spring was got worldwide attention when some deranged moron walked into the Discovery Channel corporate headquarters and took 3 people hostage before catching one to the melon. The guy's Dear John letter was filled with all sorts of nonsense, but the focus seems to be more on his "extreme environmentalism" than the fact that he was also advocating "population control" and seemed to have some really odd John & Kate + 8 fetish. Your usual suspects on the right are already distorting the event to "expose" the violent nature of tree-huggers. Sorry folks, this guy was no "greenie", he was a psychopath. Not the same thing.

My Name Is Earl - Not to get all racist and whatnot, but the preemptive evacuation of East Coast beaches in anticipation of Hurricane Earl has me wondering: why the heck do all the badass canes' have "ethnic" names. Katrina. Hugo. Alberto. Hortense. Isidore. Rita. Felix. Somethin' ain't right. If they name a hurricane "Kanye" this season, we might need to have Rebb'n Al look into this.

Speaking Of Kanye - Am I the only one underwhelmed with the singles he's "leaked" so far? "Power" still hasn't grown on me. That song with Beyonce was so bad, I was just waiting for the Brian Pumper guest verse. "Monster" has more stars than Team USA, but it still doesn't knock. I'm not saying Ye' fell off, but maybe that whole Taylor Swift thing knocked him off his game a little.

Peace In The Middle East - I don't think anyone reasonably expects any miraculous outcome from this week's ongoing Israel/Palestine peace talks at the State Department. There's just too much bad blood, and too much history for this to be conveniently resolved over half smokes and Bud Light Lime. Then again, stranger things have happened. One thing's for certain: if the Red Sea does part and something of substance gets done, you can rest assured Obama will somehow be blamed.

Steve Jobs Latest Grand Hu$tle - One of these days, I'll learn not to buy the first iteration of any new gadget. Apple's unveiling of its latest toys, an updated AppleTV and iPod Touch with all the iPhone 4G goodies, means its only a matter of time before the newest iPad comes out, rendering last year's splurge obsolete. Seriously, this is going to get comical at some point. Now, my iTouch is 2 models behind, as the newest one has a slick HD display, FaceTime, 2 cameras, and all kinds of other slick sh*t. And yeah, I'mma get me one. If anyone wants to play "lets make a deal" and cop a perfectly good iTouch 3G, and an old 64GB Video iPod, hit me on email. I can't justify buying yet another device without getting rid of something in return. Think about the starvin' children in Africa!!!

Question: What'll come of the Middle East peace talks? You feelin' Kanye's latest leaks? Did Steve Jobs get you yet again?

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