Wednesday, September 22, 2010 Hot Topics - 9.22.10

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I'm busy today, here's the rundown...

A Bad Day For Obama - Call it what you'd like, but I can't help but think that Top White House Economic Advisor Larry Summers' decision to hightail it back to Harvard signals the start of a lot of Obama turnover. Depending on whom you ask, Summers was either underutilized by Obama, or simply didn't have the right answers to this economic disaster we're sitting in. Either way, this can't be seen as a good thing because nobody abandons a winning team. Not sayin' the ship's sinking, but this isn't a great sign. On the other hand, perhaps this is a repudiation of Obama's "just hire a bunch of ex-Clintonites and Ivy Leaguers" strategy.

Don't Ask, Don't Tell, Don't Bother - Well, so much for that one. Never underestimate the power of GOP obstruction.

Say Goodnight To "The Dream Act" - I was honestly on the fence about this one too, and can't say I'm totally disappointed that it died with yesterday's Defense Spending bill. For once I side with the GOP. Something as important as this shouldn't be tucked away as a rider to pass something as critical as a defense spending bill. Should kids of illegal workers be able to become a citizen by merely signing up to attend some JUCO? Not sure that's the right idea.

Question: Will Obama and Co. miss Larry Summers, or do you say good riddance to such cronyism? What's your read on The Dream Act? Is DADT repeal toast?

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