Tuesday, September 7, 2010

AB Goes To The Movies - Why Did I Get Married Too?

For all the criticism (rightfully) levied at Tyler Perry, reality is even he has rare moments of brilliance in the midst of his typical f*ckery. Sure, his batting average is below the Mendoza line, but if you can sort through all the Meet The Browns, Diary of a Mad Black Womans, and Madea Does A pRon With Brian Bumper Goes To Jails, you'll find reasonably decent films like Daddy's Little Girls and The Family That Preys. Decent films, not great ones. That said, if you're gonna pick on a guy when he does bad, you also have to give him credit when he does good. And with the sequel of 2007's Why Did I Get Married?, Tyler officially attains "good movie" status. Heck, Why Did I Get Married Too? is borderline great. Yeah, I said it.

Following up on various storylines from the first flick, Married Too? finds the couples taking their annual marriage retreat, this time to the Caribbean. Since nobody knows or cares about character names, I'll just call these folks who they are in real life. Janet Jackson and Malik Yoba return as the all too perfect, too tightly wound couple. Tyler Perry (who mercifully takes the backseat in this one. No pause required) and his wife (the chronically boring Sharon Leal) have some lingering issues with infidelity. Jill Scott and Laman Rucker are dealing with a relocation and loss of job. And then there's the Michael Jai White and the outlandish Tasha Smith, whose silly back and forth act sometimes threatens to derail an otherwise serious movie. Richard T. Jones is back as Scott's now remorseful ex-husband.

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Much like the first movie, which I also enjoyed, there's a lot of "didn't see it coming" plot twists here, and giving much more detail would drag us into "spoiler" territory, which is something I don't do. Still, take my word for it. The movie is well acted, the characters (except for Smith, who is just plain annoying) are multidimensional and flawed (except for Perry of course, who is always perfect), and the ending is shocking to say the least. Slickly shot and well paced, this movie's also a nice technical rebound from last year's disastrous I Can Do Bad All By Myself. For once, a Tyler Perry movie even I can't hate on. That's quite a feat.

The Verdict: Hey, it's a rental. Even if you hate Tyler Perry with a passion, hit your nearest RedBox and give Why Did I Get Married Too? a look. You could do far worse things with a dollar.

Rating: 4 Stars (Out of 5)

Question: Did you see Why Did I Get Married Too? What did you think?

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