Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Whatever Happened To Spool32?!?

Anyone who has frequented the comments section here from time to time knows that a usual suspect has been MIA lately. I wouldn't usually make such a big deal out of this, because folks who comment here tend to come and go, but Spool32 has been an AB.com fixture for quite some time.

As our resident conservative, the guy takes a lot of heat for his often contrary positions, but he's a generally okay cat. I speak with him pretty frequently offline, and our discussions (which aren't always political) often provide the fodder for posts that show up here. Along with folks like EbonyGentleman, ShadyGrady, and VLatte, he's also a frequent link referrer, so he contributes to the content you see here in more ways than one.

He hasn't commented here in awhile, and hasn't replied to my personal emails either. I'm not saying I'm concerned about the guy, but I obviously hope he's okay. Maybe he'll come out of hiding when this post drops.

If not, pour out a lil' liquor coffee. This one's for you Spoolly.

Question: Whatever happened to Spool32?!?

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