Friday, August 27, 2010

Want A Man, Sistas?!? Quit College And Abandon All Ambition Now.

I should go ahead and copyright this "The Lonely Black Woman Industrial Complex ™" catchphrase right now. Seriously, I should go ahead and make some shirts with that caption, and the pic of the sad & lonely sista above. I could hit the Essence Music Festival and make enough paper to put both the AverageKids™ through U Penn.

As if black women weren't being hit with enough bad news already in 2010, here comes even more.
A new study finds that men are more likely to cheat if their income is much lower than what their wife or female partner makes, while women are more likely to fool around if they make more than their husband or male partner.

The findings suggest that disparities in moneymaking play a significant role in infidelity, at least among the young couples they studied. The study found that almost 7 percent of the men reported having sex outside their relationships between 2002 and 2007, while about 3 percent of women did.

Two lifestyle factors, higher education and regular religious observance, seem to help keep infidelity at bay for both men and women, the study found.

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On the other end of the spectrum, infidelity seemed to rise when one partner made a lot more money than the other. And that held true whether the man or the woman was the big wage earner.
Okay, so nothing particularly Earth shattering for Black women in particular. But here comes the hook.
Black and Hispanic men were more likely than white men to have fooled around.

I could give a million and one reasons for why this is phenomenon occurs, but I'll save the social scientist role for you guys. Run with it.

Question: Why do you think men who make less cheat more? Got any personal experience to back up this study? Got any personal experience to refute it? What's up with the racial angle, do brothers cheat more than white guys? How come Asians never are represented in such stories?

Infidelity Rises When She Makes More Than He Does [BizWeek]

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