Thursday, August 26, 2010

Slooooowwwww News Day.

Blogging incessantly about substantive issues of politics, race, and social commentary is a meaningful endeavor, but it gets difficult at times. So how about some completely random, totally trivial sh*t for a change of pace?

Tiger Woods Is A Free Man! - Well, it cost him a cool $100M, but El Tigre is free to play again. Call me nuts, but it seems like since he stopped creepin', his golf game's gone in the crapper. At the bare minimum, he can step his jumpoff game up and maybe nab some Ruth's Chris waitresses now. Eff' a Perkins.

Soulja Boy/Kat Stacks Coke Video - Mannn, talk about combining a bad career, life, and health decision all in one. What the hell was Soulja Boy thinking? Nope, I'm not talking about the cocaine, which we all know is just a party favor in cRap circles. I'm talkin' about baggin' Kat Stacks, and letting this bird stick around afterward to film some triflin' footage that could get Mr. Tell Em' sent to the clink. I'm not sure police can use web video as evidence, can one of ya'll tell me?

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Michael Jordan's Son Blows $60k One Night In Vegas - Someone please tell me how it's even humanly possible to run up a $45k bar tab in one night? I'm assuming this guy "bought the bar" or something, but damn, no place even has $10k worth of liquor on the premises.

USA Basketball Roolz - Team USA destroys yet another Eurosquad by 30. America ain't #1 in too many things, but we know how to humiliate fools on the basketball court. And no, this team doesn't have the star power of last Summer's Dream Team, but that's actually not a bad thing. This "JV squad" is full of hungry, yet humble young players looking to make a name for themselves on the World stage. And since they're not as talented, the games tend to be more competitive. I mean, seriously, 1 point squeakers beat 65 point blowouts anyday. USA! USA! USA!

Question: What's on your mind today?!?

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