Monday, August 16, 2010

Playing Catch(up).

While I was away on vacation in the (alleged) birthplace of Obama, as usual, I deliberately avoided all forms of media. It was hard, but my wife, crystal clear water, and breezy 85 degree days helped. Anyways, I guess it's time to play catch up. Here goes.

Rangel/Waters - I can't help but notice the confluence of "old line" black folks/organizations under fire lately. Between these two, and the recent demonization of the NAACP and Shirley Sherrod, it's been a bad month for black folks over the age of 65, and you'd be crazy to not think some of this (despite how illogical it sounds) is orchestrated. On the flipside, while their lapses appear to be more ethical than legal, Rangel and Waters are old enough to know better.

Michelle-O In Spain - Lets be clear, the woman paid her own way on the trip. She didn't take a "crew of 40+", just her daughter (celebrating a birthday) and a couple of friends who also paid their way. She didn't choose the $600/night hotel, the Secret Service (as always) did, and she can't travel anywhere without them. She is certainly within her rights to vacation wherever she damn well pleases, as was every prior First Lady. On the other hand: what the hell are you thinking, Michelle? Spain? While you certainly are rich enough to go there, as any rich person is, you just shouldn't. Like it or not, you job is not about substance, it's about appearance. And taking a pricey, foreign, exotic vacation when your husband's approval numbers are in the tank is just a bad, bad, bad idea. It's about the principalities. Next time, take the damn kid to Chuck E. Cheese like the rest of us.

Fantasia Tries To Off Herself. And Fails At That Too - Given the fact that she OD'd on baby aspirin, I'm sure there's an illiteracy joke just begging to be told but I'll hold off. While I'm just happy Fanny didn't seriously hurt herself, watching her leave the hospital and "reunite" with her boyfriend and film the whole spectacle for her reality show just seems really, really, really wrong.

Republicans Reach A New Low - I never thought I'd see the day that the GOP deliberately blocked funding for teachers, firemen, nurses, and cops, but that's precisely what happened when they predictably voted in lock-step to oppose an emergency bailout last week. Thankfully this legislation passed, and someone will still show up at your house if it's broken into, or Lord willing, set on fire. Lovely, GOP. Just lovely.

Obamas In The Gulf - As much as it pains me to say this, when I see the Obamas heading to Florida for a 27 hour vacation, it just perpetuates the feeling that these folks are, indeed, simply out of touch when it comes to the "touchy teely PR" side of the gig. Would it have killed them to stay 3 days? Who the heck is giving these folks image advice, Eldrick Woods? Speaking of which...

Eye Of The Tiger - I always said that Tiger's redemption would be darn near immediate because if he came back and played well, nobody would care about all the Perkins waitresses because that's just how we roll. I figured Tiger would do some "post rape trial Kobe" sh*t and come back dropping 35/game. Needless to say, the psychological dynamic of golf is a wee bit different, and Mr. Woods looks more like Adam Morrison than Kobe Bean. And the weirdest, most unexpected thing has happened as a result: I actually have sympathy for this guy all of a sudden. Can't say I saw that one coming. Nor did I see this excellent Tiger-themed Wale track from the new mixtape More About Nothing coming, but it's hot. Go cop that. So, at least Wale's salvaged his career.

Alvin Greene Indicted On pRon Charges - While I'll admit this whole thing was sorta amusing at first, please, please, please, Alvin. Take your young assed green t-shirts and go back to your Daddy's basement. Disappear now.

Montana Fishburne - Lord, thank you for only giving me boys. Amen.

Dems Behaving Badly - Never let it be said that I don't call out politicians on both ends of the aisle for being jackasses. When a New Hampshire state house candidate wrote that he wished Sarah Palin and Levi Johnston had died in that plan crash in Alaska, it was wrong. The Democrat running against David Vitter in Louisiana referring to Vitter's very public use of an escort service as a "serious sin" is an awful way of bringing attention to an awful act. An Obama supporter dressing up as a Rand Paul supporter and saying all sorts of stupid jibberish is silly an unnecessary. So is a PA Democratic Congressional candidate helping a Tea Party candidate gather enough signatures to turn their Fall election into a 3-way race. I hate agreeing with Fox News on anything, but damnit folks, you gotta do better. In case you didn't notice, Republicans are pretty good at screwing things up without your help.

Redskins Bandwagon - Is it too early to jump on? Part of me says this is bound to turn out badly because it's still DC sports, but another part says having a real GM, a real coach, and a real QB could be enough to really turn things around. We shall see. On a related note, in the most un-pauseworthy way possible, I gotta say Donovan McNabb looks awful good in that Skins uniform.

Question: Okay, what did I miss, and what do you think?

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