Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I Need Some Fantasy Football Advice. Pronto!

No need to fake, my Fantasy Football draft snuck up on me this year. I haven't been paying much (any!) attention to the NFL, as usual, so I'm kinda behind the 8-Ball right now.

I need some help. Whether or not you play FF, gimme some pointers. Who should I avoid at all costs? Who's this year's breakout rookie. Who's the sleeper pick that's gonna get me over the hump once my 3rd string RB inevitably tears an ACL in the final preseason game? Inquiring minds wanna know. There's braggin' rights at stake here, help!

If you got a nice (and free) cheatsheet, hit me with the URL. I got until 7:30pm to get my stuff together!

Question: Are you playing Fantasy Football this year? Got any player tips to share? Got an awesome cheatsheet you wanna break me off with? Are you totally and completely clueless about what this "Fantasy Football" nonsense is?

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