Monday, August 2, 2010

Here Today. Gone To Maui.

Well, it's technically Waikiki Beach, but why ruin a cool play on words? In any event, AverageSis and I will be in Hawaii (sans kids) for the next week or so sippin' somethin' cool, enjoying the getaway, and celebrating the 10th anniversary of my 27th birthday. If you wanna show your favorite blogger's favorite blogger some born day love, the PayPal link is on the side bar. And I thank you.

As is the usual drill when I'm out of pocket, I'll be running lots of Rewinds to keep things semi-fresh. But I'll also put up an Open Mic™ (formerly known as Get On Your SoapBox Day™) every couple of days for you guys to start up your own convos and keep it poppin'. Just cause I'm on vacay doesn't mean the blog is.

Marbles, Uppity, Shady Grady, Wave, VLatte, CJames, and Co., I'mma need ya'll to hold it down and keep thing movin' while I'm gone. Don't let ya' boy down.

Enjoy. I sure will.


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