Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dr. Laura & The Art Of The Non-Apologetic Apology.

I didn't bother going in on this Dr. Laura story when I returned from vacation because I figured it was a done deal. She said some truly ignant sh*t, which is really just par for the course on talk radio. She issued a half-assed apology. She was right back on the air. Again, what's so new about that?

Surprisingly, last night Dr. Laura goes on CNN's Larry King Live, a show I coulda sworn got cancelled years ago, and plays the victim card. Yep, she's quitting because her "1st amendment rights were violated".

Trick, please.

I don't really understand the victim complex here. I mighta missed the "backlash" while I was on the beach, but I don't think this story blew up into "Imus" proportions, did it? Was Rebb'n Al calling for a boycott? I don't think any of this happened.

N-Word KnowledgeCommon sense dictates this is nothing but a Grand Hu$tle. If you listen closely, you'll hear Dr. Laura state that her contract is up at year's end. The show's[1] ratings have skyrocketed since this incident.

You connect the dots.

Question: What's Dr. Laura really up to? Did this story really "explode into a national debate on race" or is she purposely engaging in false persecution for personal gain?

[1] I'll admit, I used to listen to this show from time to time before I got satellite radio. It's basically free counseling on the air. People call her with ignoramus personal issues, and she very rudely tells them a common sense solution, which of course they already knew in the first place. The act gets boring after awhile, but it's hardly the most toxic thing on the radio.

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