Monday, August 30, 2010

Can Hooters Fire You For Eating Too Many Wings?!?

One of's most trafficked posts is called Hooters Girls. Scrippers. What's The Difference?!?, and if I must say so, the sexist premise is quite self-explanatory. In case you're dense, I argued that the line between a Hooters Girl and an "Exotic Dancer" was pretty thin. Given the huge disparity in wages, it made little sense to serve wings for $2.07/hour when you could just lose one item of clothing and serve thighs for a King's Ransom.

Predictably, the PC Police came out and assaulted me with all manner of cro-magnon insults. The post also somehow made its way onto a "Hooters Girl Listserv", something I had no idea existed, only adding insult to injury.

Sorry, but there's little point in trying to defend your Day Job when said Day Job is all about objectification. If a woman wants to wear next to nothing and serve curly fries for next to nothing, that's on her. Personally, I asserted you'd make far more money working a classy joint like Ruth's Chris or The Palm. Sure, you'd still be objectified, but you wouldn't have to worry about fitting in orange coochie cutters.

Anyways, some Hooters Girls in Michigan found this out the hard way, and hit up Greenburg and Beterman.
A Michigan judge has given the go-ahead to lawsuits by two ex-Hooters waitresses who say they were fired because of their weight. Michigan has a pioneering law that prohibits discrimination based on weight. The 1976 law also bans discrimination based on age and height.

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Hooters of Roseville Inc. and Atlanta-based Hooters of America Inc. say the law shouldn't apply because their waitresses are entertainers whose appearance is a legitimate concern.

Macomb County Circuit Judge Peter Maceroni on Monday denied Hooters' request to dismiss the suit because the waitresses had signed an arbitration agreement. Maceroni says the women may not have knowingly waived their right to sue.
Well, nobody ever mistook Hooters Girls for Constitutional scholars, so I guess we gotta cut em' some slack.

It would be easy to dismiss this as sexist, but let's fall back a moment. It's not like there aren't a million and one jobs that require a certain amount of fitness. Soldiers have PT. Professional athletes have to "make weight" and often have such incentives in their contracts. Even cops and bus drivers are often required to be in shape. So why in the world should a job whose sole responsibility requires being ogled not be allowed to make similar restrictions?

On the other hand, one man's "overweight" is another man's just right. The girls in this video aren't my type (no woman's not named AverageSis is my type), but unless I'm blind, they don't look particularly fat.

Maybe they should just transfer them to the Hooters in a black neighborhood.

Cause ya'll know how brothas get down.

Question: Is Hooters well within its right to fire waitresses who get too high on their own supply? Was the Hooters Girl in this video overweight in your eyes? Is this post dripping with chauvinism, or am I just tellin' it like it is?

Judge allows Hooters waitress weight lawsuit [MSNBC]

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