Thursday, August 26, 2010 Will Be Watching Glenn Beck Desecrate Dr. King's Dream, Live And In Person.

I've got a great wife. I truly do.

Not only is the woman incredibly beautiful, the funniest person you've ever met, and a passionate lover[1], she's also so incredibly supportive of her man that she gives him free time and space to do completely stupid, trivial stuff. Every man should be so fortunate enough to have such a mate, but sorry my brethren, you gots to get your own.

I shower all these kudos on my better half because she's letting me out the house for a few hours Saturday so I can give in to the morbid curiosity of Glenn Beck's "I Have A Dream" March On Washington, which I told ya'll about last week here. I know some of you are gonna chide me for wasting a beautiful Saturday morning and a gallon of gas to go watch some imbecile spew anti-American hatred upon the likely unwashed masses of millions? thousands of Beck-ites who'll descend on the Lincoln Memorial from all around the country. Don't I have better things to do with my time? Shouldn't I be teaching my kids their ABC's? Should I be somewhere cutting grass? Shouldn't I be somewhere making passionate love to said great wife?

You'd be correct on all accounts, but I'll still go to Glenn Beck's 8-28 rally because I can, and I shall.[2] I'm already a veteran of the Tea Party scene, so this will be like a family reunion, albeit with family members who prolly hate me and think I'm a Muslim. Besides, the whole thing'll be over by 1pm. Plenty of time left for ABC's, lawnmowers, and oh yes, passionate lovemaking.

Priorities, folks. Priorities.

Anyways, since I'm going through with this and writing a piece for the DailyKos as part of the deal, I'm interested in knowing what ya'll think I should look for? Imagine I'm your eyes and ears for a moment. Do I take pics of racist signs? Gauge the crowd for anti-Obama sentiment? Make a viral video exploiting some poor sap who doesn't realize his taxes were actually cut under Obama? Incite a riot between Rebb'n Al (who'll be holding his own rally across town) & The Fox Nation? Throw an egg at Sarah Palin (and run)? Ya'll tell me.

I'd me remiss to talk about this event and not mention the silly "Tea Partiers Guide To DC" published by some website alerting the folks about the dangers of the Nation's Capitol, other than Capitol Hill of course. Naturally, the usual liberal suspects jumped on this and made it a racial issue.

I should be honest here, I give visiting co-workers the very same advice all the time. If you ain't never been the DC don't be fooled by all the museums and limestone. One wrong turn or missed Metro stop, and your ass could get got. Heck, you could even catch a bad one on the train itself. So if you wanna see Miss Sarah and live to tell about it, keep your ass off the Red Line to Glenmont! Better safe than sorry.

See ya'll Saturday.

Question: I'm your eyes and ears, what should I look during at Glenn Beck's "I Have A Dream" speech?

[1] Too much info?

[2] Because my wife said I could.

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