Tuesday, August 31, 2010

AB.com Hot Topics - Iraq, Bron Bron, And Failin' Palin.

[Editor's Note: AB.com NewsBriefs is now Hot Topics.]

I'm busy today, here's the rundown...

Iraq War - We're mostly outta there and Obama's giving a victory lap speech tonight. I obviously am happy we're drawing down forces, but not everyone's so chipper. What's your read?

Please. Fire. Robert. Gibbs. Yesterday. - Man, is there any better manifestation of the term "Human Fail" than the snarky Robert Gibbs?

I'd be the last one the defend the vapid Gretchen Carlson of Fox And Friends, a woman who makes Jessica Simpson look like a Rhodes Scholar, but come on Gibbs, really? If you aren't going to answer even basic gotcha questions, why bother going on Fox News? Cause, you know, all they ask is gotcha questions.

Lebron's Baby Mom's Prenup - Word is circulating that Miami Heat star Lebron James has an "arrangement" with his childrens' mother to pay her a one time lump sum $25M should the couple part ways. The money is for the typical pain and suffering, but also for her to keep her mouth shut (aka: don't pull a SuperHead) just for good measure. Is this a smart business move, or an unnecessary formality?

Team USA Squeaks One Out - Man, it looked like the boys might lose one versus Brazil yesterday, but the basketball Gods clearly showed who they favored, leaving Team USA undefeated.

It's hard to believe that the United States hasn't won the World Basketball Championship since 1994, but we're got a great chance this Summer. If you haven't been following this team, get familiar.

Failin' Palin - Now, only 1 in 4 Americans thinks Miss Sarah is qualified to be Prez. Folks, I told ya'll this long ago: this woman's no moron. Running for President (and thus, becoming an insider again) would ruin all of the inexplicable pull she has over those who follow her. I suspect she'll claim some nonsense about "helping Americans more by remaining a Washington outsider" and sit it out. Because it's hard to keep cashing $100k checks for speaking engagements if you're actually a candidate. That isn't happening.

Takers Takes The Top Box Office Spot - Not that I was able to get out the house for it, but a drama/action flick with a predominantly black cast finished first at the box office this weekend.

No need to lie. Much like recent movies Brooklyn's Finest and The Losers, I have no freakin' idea what this movie's about. Are they robbers? Dope boys? Rappers with very lousy acting skills? You tell me. Still, I wonder if we should be celebrating yet another flick that perpetuates the stereotype of black criminology.

Question: What will Obama say during tonight's primetime speech? Did we "win" Iraq, or merely cut losses and leave? What about Bron's "Prenup"? Did you see Takers? What's your take?

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