Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Where Will Lebron Land?!?

Sooner or later King James will decide which city he wants to bless with his prodigious basketball skills for the next 5 seasons, and this charade better known as NBA free agency will come to a merciful end. Rumor has it Bron' Bron' will make a big announcement after his youth camp tomorrow. Common sense and Negro Intuition would seem to indicate that James will stay in Clevland. After all, how freakin' cold would it be to announce to a group of children in Akron that he's leavin' their lame a$$ city and headed to the Big Apple?

One thing's for certain: If a guy's not athletically blessed, but wants to come up, he should marry a WNBA player. If you look at the insane contracts being given to marginal players so far this offseason, it's officially makes more sense to hand your child a basketball than a book'. Eff' a education, work on that pick and roll, Junior.

While I am, and always have been the last guy to hate on another brother for makin' his paper, some of what's been seen during this free agency period has bordered on the absurd.

Come on folks, seriously. I love the NBA too, but get a life already.

Question: Where will Lebron end up?

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