Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What We Can All Learn From The Shirley Sherrod Debacle.

Man, what a roller coaster it's been for poor Shirley Sherrod over the past week! She loses her job because of a dishonest, flea-ridden, right wing hack, is quickly vindicated when the media (namely CNN's Tony Harris) finally gets it right for a change, and now will probably be offered her job back. She'll probably also sue that racist piece of sh*t Andrew Breitbart for slander. And I hope she cleans that sorry excuse for a human being out.

Tell that bullsh*t the the judge, punk!

It's amazing that this guy still can't seem to muster the words "I'm sorry". He's ruined this woman's life, whether or not she gets her job back or wins in court.

Even worse, this moron insists that the farmer's wife isn't even real.

I have no words for this level of idiocy. Well, okay, maybe a few...

Shirley Sherrod Is The Quintessential American Story - This woman is, in many ways, what this country's all about. And someone at LifeTime Movies For Women™ should be greenlighting She Was Robbed: The Shirley Sherrod Story right now. I think Loretta Devine would make a fine Shirley Sherrod. What say ye'?

The Mainstream Media Is Spineless On Issues Of Race - Even after Breitbart's lie was exposed, the rank & file media failed to make him the story here. Instead, fingers are being pointed everywhere else (NAACP, Obama, Vilsack) but the originator of this smear campaign.

Conservatives Proved The NAACP's Point - How else do you explain away this incident? The Tea Party is (belatedly) accused of racism, and one of its biggest champions proves this racism by concocting a story to stoke white fear and anger.

Liberals Proved The Tea Party's Point - By rushing to throw someone under the bus, all in the name of proving they aren't racist, the NAACP and many black commentators undermined their own points in the process. Folks like Ben Jealous, Roland Martin, and Dr. Boyce Watkins have all apologized, but there's no way to clean this up after the fact. Reality is, they had just as much to do with bubbling this story up to the point of Sherrod's dismissal.

Conservative Media Can't Ever Be Trusted - Not that you didn't already know this. If there's any good thing that comes out of this, its perhaps that the MSM will be a bit more vigilant in rebutting these sorts of accusations before they mushroom. Watching Conservative media spectacles like The DoJ vs The NBPP, and that ACORN nonsense (which was yet another case of doctored tapes) grow legs without being challenged has only further eroded my faith in "real media outlets".

The Southern Strategy Is Back! - Not that it ever went anywhere, but Ray Charles can see a concerted effort to paint Obama as guilty by association with any and all things black, all in the name of scaring the sh*t out of white folks in an effort to get him ousted in 2012.

Obama Is Spineless On Issues Of Race - I'm not sure how much more I need to expound on that point.

Question: What, if anything, do you take away from this dark moment in American racial history?

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