Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hot Topics - Steele, Black Panthers, & Arizona.

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I'm busy today, here's the rundown...

Michael Steele On The HotSeat - Man, does this cat stay losin' or is it just me? Now, half the GOP is calling for his shiny head on a platter after those ignorant "this is Obama's war" comments. Of course they wont just go ahead and fire him because they assume that doing so will turn off minority voters. As if picking a minstrel like Steele in the first damn place wasn't enough to turn off minority voters all by itself.

Black Panther Whistle Blower - The latest Conservative hero making the rounds is some DoJ worker who swears he was told not to bring voter intimidation charges against the New Black Panthers for that election day 2008 nonsense because they were, well, not white. Sorry, there was nothing even remotely "intimidating" about those two dusty Negroes. Comical, yes, but intimidating, no? If two black men in leather jackets is intimidating, then I'm intimidated on a daily basis just driving thru DC.

Lebron-A-Thon™ - Man, it takes a special kind of ego to schedule a one hour primetime special to announce that you're staying in Cleveland and that this past year's charade was just a way of keeping your name in the papers. But Bron Bron will have his own ESPN show tomorrow night doing just that. I'm not hatin' on the man, I'm just sayin', that's pretty damn ballsy.

US DoJ Sues Arizona - Who wants to bet that this election year wedge issue will be little more than an afterthought once election day rolls around? Interim Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is up for election this Fall, and making this a hot button national issue helps raise her profile and chances of winning this gig fulltime. Neither the GOP nor Dems really want a piece of this. Smart money says the DoJ should have just let this one ride.

Levi Johnston Was Lyin' - Now Bristol Palin's baby daddy says he was making up lies about Miss Sarah because he was distraught about being thrust into the spotlight back in 08'. I suppose that makes sense, but I can't help but wonder about the dubious timing here. Did Miss Sarah pay this guy to tell People magazine he was lying to help clear her name for a run in 2012? Prolly so.

Question: What's your take on Today's Hot Topics?

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