Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hot Topics - Jan Brewer, Obama On "The View", President Clef.

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I'm clearing the deck for a much needed, very long vacation today. Here's the rundown...

Jan Brewer Gets Pimp Slapped By The Feds- You and I knew that Arizona's immigration law, which essentially legalized racial profiling, wasn't gonna stand up in court. Yesterday, a federal judge blocked most of Brewer's law, essentially stripping it bare. For Brewer, of course, this is a godsend, since she can still use it as campaign fodder as she seeks to get the gig fulltime in November. And of course, once she wins in November, this will no longer even be an issue on the American radar. Because in case you didn't know, deportation of illegal immigrants has quietly grown under the Obama administration simply by auditing employers. In 2009 alone, more illegals were deported than during any of the Bush years. Of course, this sort of common sense legislation gets lost in the election year shuffle, but anyone claiming Obama's soft on illegal immigration is just being silly.

Amar'e Stoudemire Is Jewish?!? - Uhhhh, sorry, but I don't follow this one at all. This dude says he recently "discovered" his mother was Jewish, and thus he is. Call me crazy, but I smell a Grand Hu$tle/clever NY Knicks marketing scheme somewhere beneath the surface on this one.

Obama Goes On The View - In the words of my main man The Uppity Negro, "meh". I don't think this is the greatest move, but it's not the worst one either. With his approval numbers sinking, and things looking iffy for the Dems to retain control of the House and Senate in the Fall, Obama doing a daytime TV show looks like some campaign-mode bullsh*t. I'm not sure what he'll gain by fielding softball questions and doing a telling a bunch of lame Sasha and Malia stories. You could also argue that doing talk show when unemployment is 9.5% and there's still oil in the Gulf smacks of tone deafness. Then again, Obama was at his best when he was selling himself, rather than selling hard, but fair legislation. So, I suppose the net-net is a wash.

Chelsea Clinton's $2M Wedding - I'm sure you guys couldn't care less, but many Conservatives are assailing the Clinton family for dropping a cool $2 Mill for daughter Chelsea's upcoming nuptials in these lean economic times. Wigga Please. These folks are rich, and their only child is getting married. What else are they gonna spend their life savings on? Pantsuits and hookers? Let these folks breathe, please.

NBA Player Lorenzen Wright Found Dead - This is just a terrible ending to what probably had to be an awful time for this guy's family. I always liked him as a player, and hope this story doesn't get any worse than it already is. Rest in peace.

Wyclef Running For President Of Haiti - Uhhhh, considering how well he "runs" his philanthropic foundation, I'm not so sure I'd want him running a Dairy Queen, let alone an entire country. But stranger things have happened. And, well, he did write a song about it.

Question: What's on your mind today?

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