Friday, July 23, 2010

Hot Topics - Chris Paul, Alvin Greene, And Oh Yeah, More Shirley Sherrod.

[Editor's Note: NewsBriefs is now Hot Topics.]

I'm busy today, here's the rundown...

Is Chris Paul The Next Lebron?!? - New Orleans Hornets PG Chris Paul looks like he's staging his own mini Lebron-A-Thon right now, essentially demanding that the team trade him to a ready-made title contender. While James' charade came off as predictably self-serving and par for the course, Paul's always been portrayed as a "good guy" who was always about the betterment of the team. Thus, his push to get traded to the Lakers, Heat, or Knicks seems out of character. But lets face it, this whole "SuperTeam" concept was started by Boston, and looks to be the future of the NBA. This clearly won't be good for the league's parity and balance. David Stern should step in and do something about this.

Shirley Sherrod, Please Go Home. - She got her call with Obama. Now, for the love of Caucasian Jesus, I hope this woman goes far, far away before her story reaches the point of diminishing returns.

Nigerian Family Gives Birth To Non-Albino White Baby - Sorry, somebody was either secretly with the UPS man, or this was an IVF screwup. I'm not buying the whole "weird science" angle. I'm just not.

Alvin Greene - I didn't blog about his epic "I Have A Greene" Speech last weekend because my shortlived political fast was underway, but upon 2nd thought, maybe the guy's not as much of a wacko as I originally thought. Sure, he'll lose, but checkout this funky campaign music video.

Question: What's on your mind today?

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