Friday, July 16, 2010

Fox News CatFight!!!

Every time I wonder how Fox News, despite being the news equivalent of junk food, has such great ratings, something like this lands in my inbox, explaining why.

I'd typically add in a quasi-sexist comment here just to set the table, but why bother? I can't help but watch this tit-for-tat and wonder if there's some personal story going on behind the scenes. Did somebody kiss someone's man at the Christmas Party? Eat the last Activia out of the employee fridge? Is Megyn Kelly gon' have to slap a b*tch?

I obviously agree with Kirsten Powers here, but she gets ripped a new one by Kelly, to whom facts and decorum are clearly foreign concepts.[1] Then again, who tunes in to cable news for facts and decorum? Given the fact that these three ladies are all dressed more appropriately for a 3am Skinemax flick, I'd say why not mix in a kiddie pool full of Wesson and go for the all-out ratings bonanza?

I don't ever think I've seen two white chicks go at it like this, but I really sorta like it. If Fox News was smart, they'd just scrap all the "political" pretense and turn this into a show of its own.

Question: What's with Fox News' obsession with these leggy, brainless blonds (and brunettes)? Can you take anything on cable news (CNN & MSNBC included) as pure, objective media? If Fox News does a spinoff, catfight themed show, what should it be called? Just how sexist was this post?

[1] In case you missed it, this whole Obama Freed The Panthers Consipracy has been exposed as a fraud. The Bush Administration actually dropped the charges two weeks before Obama took office. But hey, it makes for good TV, right?

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