Monday, July 19, 2010

Big Butts Are This "Summer's Hottest Trend"?!? Really?

The mainstream media's cultural anthropology of Negro staples is something that always irks me. Every 3-4 months, some clueless moron in New York will suddenly "discover" something about black folks that we've known for years, and trivialize it to the point that you'd swear you were watching an episode of National Geographic. We've already seen the media go in on The Lonely Black Woman Industrial Complex™ this year. Now, the New York Daily News, after oh, only a few thousand years, discovers that women of color have bigger butts, and men (of all colors) happen to like them. Shocker!

On a related note: the sun is hot, the sky is blue, grass is green, and Keyshia Cole's voice is like a dog whistle. Anyways...
Make way! Big bums are shaping up to be the summer of 2010's hottest trend.

Serena Williams reveals that it took her years to accept her curvy backside, joining other full-figured celebrities embracing their broader bottoms this beach season. Kim Kardashian says she finally appreciates her round rear. Madonna's daughter Lourdes loves shorts that make your butt look big. And a new book celebrates bulging booties.

Not since Sir Mix-a-Lot's 1992 hit "Baby Got Back" has so much praise been paid to the posterior.

Williams admits that it wasn't until she turned 23 that she realized she'd never have the same shape as her sister Venus. "I'm super-curvy," the 28-year-old tennis titan says in the August issue of Harper's Bazaar. "I have big boobs and this massive butt.

Even tiny-tushed women are coming out in support of heftier hinds. In the same issue of Harper's Bazaar, Cameron Diaz admits to envy when asked if her butt was a career-booster. "That's funny, because most booties that propel girls are usually the bigger booties," says the 37-year-old actress. "I have a little tiny one, but it is, nonetheless, juicy."

And Rapper Ice-T's wife, 31-year-old swimsuit model Nicole (Coco) Austin, has been making waves for baring her huge bum on the beach in a thong bikini.

Before giving birth to a son last week, Dannii Minogue, a judge on Britain's "X-Factor," found her fanny expanding. But her ex-rugby player boyfriend, Kris Smith, didn't mind.

"Even when I moan, ‘My butt's getting bigger,' he says, ‘It's beautiful, I love every bit,' " the 38-year old actress/singer told InStyle UK.
This is just some downright shoddy reportage, even for the NY Daily News. And for the record, I thought white folks discovered big butts were attractive about 10 years ago when J-Lo blew up. Guess I was wrong.

I think it's sorta odd, curious that this new "trend" uses women of, uhhh, shall we say, dubiously obtained booties as evidence. Anyone with common sense can look at Ice T's wife Coke Ho CoCo and tell she's had plenty of help from surgeons. Depending on whom you ask, the same applies to Kardashian, a woman who seems intent on mangling her face until she eventually looks like Lil' Kim. That's Lil' Kim circa 2010 of course, not the pug nosed, brownskinned, and far prettier Kimberly Jones, circa 1995. And using a pregnant British woman who probably will try and lose that excess a$$ the moment she drops that baby as a case study? Wigga please.

Seriously, NY Daily News, are ya'll actually calling women's natural body types a "Hot Summer Trend"? F'real?


Question: Do you find the New York Daily News' sudden, shocking discovery of Apple Bottoms appalling, trivial, or merely indicative of the lack of basic understanding of people of color by some in the media?

Rearing to go! Big butts are summer 2010's hottest trend [NYDailyNews]

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