Monday, July 19, 2010

The Political Fast.

When you blog as much as I do (that's 365 days a year for the newbies), you often find yourself in creative ruts. Getting out of these ruts often means purging yourself of certain things to get refocused and back on track. And this would be one-such week.

I'm gonna try and make it an entire blogging week without mentioning anything political in nature. The blog's been bogged down with this sorta content for the past month, and I need to restore the natural balance of things. And whatnot.

So, no Politricks As Usual this week. If you need your fix, peep my man RiPPa, or The Field Negro, or J&J Politics, or any number of other like minded sites that call it like it is. Expect lots of Negro Nonsense, Sports, Music, and assorted mindless pop culture in the meantime. Sorry folks, I need to do it for me.

Question: How long will my Political Fast last? Tuesday? Thursday? 1pm today?

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