Monday, June 21, 2010

Why Detroit Stays Losin'.

If you'll recall a few months back, Detroit Public Schools President Otis Mathis was under fire for his less-than-stellar readin' & writin' skillz. Not that The "D" wasn't already a laughing stock, but the mere notion that a guy who can't complete a coherent sentence held a high paying job leading school children was Chappelle's Show-comical. In case your recollection is hazy, here's some moving pictures. I know how ya'll folks hate reading and whatnot.

Black folks typically being reactionary and all, the story soon faded to the background and Mathis got the keep his Day Job. But in a twist of fate so weird and pervy, even I couldn't make it up, it looks like Mathis has a much bigger problem on his hands now. Pun intended, and yes, PAUSE! on that last statement.
One day after facing accusations of fondling himself, Detroit Public Schools President Otis Mathis wrote a letter to colleagues today blaming "ongoing health problems" for his "poor judgment." The letter, which attempted to rescind his resignation he submitted Thursday, doesn't explicitly address accusations from Superintendent Teresa Gueyser that he touched himself during a private meeting.

But Mathis acknowledged that he "made inappropriate actions toward a professional employee of the board" and promises to remove himself from personnel decisions involving her.

"I am following up with my doctors because I need to pursue treatment, and because I want to make sure that what happened doesn't ever happen again," Mathis said. "However, I do not need to resign in order to take care of my health."

The letter to colleagues came the same day board Vice President Anthony Adams today released a two-page letter from Gueyser accusing Mathis of fondling himself during a meeting this week. She called it his "usual habit" during one-on-one meetings. She said she tries to ignore it.

Gueyser's letter describes in detail an incident during a meeting about her employment agreement. Her contract is to be reviewed tonight.

"President Mathis continued to fondle his genital area for approximately 20 minutes, or the entire time I was talking," Gueyser wrote. "At one point, I lifted some papers from my binder above my eyes to separate my peripheral view in order to avoid watching his activity."

The letter doesn't explicitly say when the incident occurred, except that the meeting began at 4:55 p.m.

"He then re-zipped and unzipped his pants again; again placing the hand with the handkerchief inside the zipper area; this time moving his hand as if to be masturbating in front of me," Gueyser wrote.
All together now.... "Eeeeewwwwwwwwwww."

Get it together Detroit. Otis, get a hooker Hooked On Phonics, and keep it in your pants to crissakes.

Question: Why does Detroit stay losin'?

Detroit schools president: Health woes caused 'poor judgment' [DetNews]

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