Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What The Heck Is Going On In Chicago?!?

[Editor's Note: We've become so immune to inner city crime that last weekend's shooting spree in Chicago barely even registered a blip on the national media radar. Nearly 60 people shot and 10 killed should make Chi Town the center of a national emergency, but, well, most folks just consider it "n*ggas bein' n*ggas" and go right back to listening to that new Drake album. My homie C-James goes in on what's goin' on in The Windy City. Show our guest some love you-know-where.]

This is a story that warrants attention not just from MSM but mostly from our community. And I have to start by asking WHAT IN THE HELL IS GOING ON?
A bloody weekend of gun violence spilled into Monday, leaving 10 dead and nearly 60 men, women and children wounded all around the city.

Investigators tied some of the shootings in the Gresham and Englewood neighborhoods to stepped-up in-fighting among Gangster Disciple gang members.

And some of the violence on the West Side was attributed to retaliation over the slayings of three men found shot dead early Saturday in the 2300 block of South Springfield.

But the remainder of the shootings followed no pattern and were not being tied together, leaving emergency rooms busy, investigators with scores of open cases -- and national newcasts focusing on Chicago violence.

The youngest victim was a 1-year-old girl who suffered a graze wound to her neck when shots rang out at a barbecue about 12:15 a.m. Monday on the Near West Side.

The 10 dead included a man dressed in women's clothing found dead on a sidewalk in the 7500 block of South Halsted Street, two naked men found dead near railroad tracks in the 900 block of South Holland and the three men found in and around a car on South Springfield.
People are shot and killed all the time and I completely understand that it's just and unfortunate ill of society. But this incident has so many overtones that it isn't even funny. It's not just the media turning a blind eye to it but the community in general is beginning to project a bit of indifference toward this. Small arms fire in Afghanistan makes the evening news and this doesn't even make the front page of the Chicago Tribune. I can't blame MSM either because most of the people I have talked to about this incident have given the proverbial response of "ummmm, that's terrible". Loosely translated that means, "It's bad for them but it ain't in my backyard".

I need answers folks because this is beyond just BAD NEGRO BEHAVIOR. There's lots of angles to approach this issue. Could this be the manifestation of years of racist policies. I know the contrarian will say that slavery ended 150 years ago and that these social problems are brought on mostly by our own negligence. I say to that, the first atomic bomb was dropped on August 6, 1945 but the effects of the bomb are still being felt to day in communities FAR from Hiroshima. What are the effects of centuries of family breakdown? Centuries of women raped? etc? etc? etc?

What if it's not racist policies? Could there be a core morality issue? The fact that this incident barely made any news means that we as a society have become insensitive to problems in other communities. Many feel that this incident is just something that happens in poor (mostly black) communities and since they never plan to visit any of these communities, they feel that this is not their problem. Many have turned a blind eye to the problem. I say, When does this become a problem to everyone?

Question: What is the real problem here? Can this be blamed on Racist policies? Is this an issue that we can solve?

54 shot in latest violence [ChiSun-Times]

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