Monday, June 14, 2010

Vince Young Has Waaay Too Much School Spirit.

As much of a black eye as the NBA gets for being full of thugs and miscreants, it always puzzles me that "America's Sport", the NFL, seldom gets lumped in the same bucket. Sure, there's the occasional bout of dogfighting and a star quarterback might take it!!! fondle an innocent co-ed in a nightclub bathroom stall every now and then, but the NFL's PR folks are savvy enough with spin to prevent this from becoming the dominant narrative about their league.

Meanwhile, The Association is reduced to those lame NBA Cares™ PSAs, which oddly, always seem to feature only black and Hispanic kids, even in Utah.

Could someone explain this? Aren't white kids supposed to want to be like Kobe Bean too? I'm sure this was also part of Dr. King's Dream.

Anyways, watching former Texas star Vince Young's dizzying Sugar to Sh*t to Sugar career arc has been puzzling. The guy once looked like the next Randall Cunningham, then he looked like Richie Cunningham. Demoted in favor of the abominable Kerry Collins, parked on the bench, then handed the reigns again for the Titans this year, it looked like Young was finally getting it all together.

Then, this sh*t happened.
Police cited NFL quarterback Vince Young in the assault of a man who disrespected the University of Texas Longhorns inside a northwest Dallas strip club early Sunday morning.

Surveillance video shows the former University of Texas star and Club Onyx employee Creiton Kinchen, 45, exchanging words for a few minutes before the scuffle in a small, crowded office area about 3:30 a.m.

At one point Kinchen, who police believe is from Oklahoma, can be seen flashing an upside-down "Hook 'em Horns" hand sign at Young.

"There was a conversation going on between Mr. Young and several people inside the office," said Dallas police Lt. Craig Miller, acting commander of the Crimes Against Persons Division. "One of the [club employees] makes a gesture contradictory to the University of Texas, the 'Hook 'em' sign upside down. This obviously made Mr. Young upset."

Kinchen suffered a cut lip. Police believe alcohol was a factor in the feud. Young, who was not arrested, faces up to a $500 fine on the Class C misdemeanor charge.
Here's the video, which pretty much removes any slim alibi Young might have had.

It's silly that some in the media are calling this a fight over alma maters. As if Vince Young majored in anything other than passing and running at UT. This was clearly the often lethal combination of brown liquor, money, skrippers, late hours, and ghetto posturing. Young should be lucky he only got a slap on the hand from the cops.

The NFL, given how image conscious it is, and the number of pro ballers who've had strip club run-ins in recent years, is prolly about to deliver a suspension. But is it fair?

Question: How much of a suspension should Vince Young's N*gga Moment warrant from the NFL front office? Given the numbers of arrests per capita, why does the NFL largely avoid being labeled as a league of malcontents and primadonnas, while the NBA can't seem to shake those very labels?

Young cited in assault at club after employee disparages Horns [DallMornNews]

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