Tuesday, June 15, 2010

To Weave, Or Not To Weave?!?

As a black man married to a black woman, I probably know a lot more about hair than a straight man I probably should. Since I didn't grow up with any sisters, the whole concept of black women and their hair was dead to me until AverageSis and I got hitched, and over the past decade, I've forgotten far more about the subject that most men probably know.[1] And chief among this massive bank of knowledge is how to tell what's a weave and what's not.

Since my wife has "good hurr", and can grow it down her back with relative ease (although, I should note, it's been very short for the past 6 months or so, and I love it), she's never rocked a weave since I've known her. But since she often has her hairdresser come by the house to do her "do", and I've got a keen ear, I know all about tracks, glue, edges, etc.

One common misconception is that women rock weaves solely for length. Not always true. Sometimes it's just about volume, be it on the top of the head, or just fuller hair down the back. Essence.com recently took to the streets to see if brothas could really tell what's real and what's fake.

Personally, I don't think there's anything wrong with a woman wearing a weave, as long as it's a good one. If you can't grow it, why not buy it? It's not like this is a purely black phenomenon either: prolly 90% of the white women you see in movies, on TV, or reading the news have a lil' Yaki of their own. Oddly though, if you Google Image Search the term "hair weave", you get nothing but page after page of sistas.

Where Is Rebb'n Al?!?

My only qualm is a bad weave. When I can see your tracks, if the grade of the weave and your own hair are so obviously different, and if you've got anything that looks like whatever the hell that is on Brandy's head, you might wanna consider rockin' a natural. Seriously.[2]

If all this sounds incredibly sexist, then feel free to hand me a cyber-kick in the nads just for good measure.

Question: Fellas, what do you think? Do you prefer women with their own hair, or does a weave work, so long at it's well done? Ladies, assuming you've worn one before, did you see a difference in how men approached when you've worn a weave?

[1] Too bad we only had boys. All this knowledge is going to waste, I prolly coulda done some wicked hair braiding.

[2] Yeah, I know, Brady wears a lacefront. Save the comments.

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