Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Poll Position: Kobe Needs Some Help.

Like many of ya'll, I've been watching these NBA Finals, and while I'm not a Laker fan by any means, I'm pulling for them cause I really don't care for the Celtics at all. I ran a poll for the past week or so asking who ya'll thought would win this year's title. The results are pretty inconclusive, as has been the series to this point.
With the series sitting at 3-2 and the Lakers on the brink of elimination tonight, your guess is as good as mine about how this series could end. But a few things stand out.

Where's Kobe's Help?!? - We already knew not to expect sh*t from Ron Artest (although he's done a decent job on Paul Pierce), but what's up with the rest of the Lakers. Pau Gasol has regressed. Derek Fisher helped win Game 3, but otherwise, Rajon Rondo has eaten his lunch. Andrew Bynum is injured and hurts more than he helps. The one that married the Kardashian looks like he'd rather be on E! than the court. Seriously, if Kobe's gotta go for 40 tonight (which he could), the Lakers are toast.

The Celtics Bench Is Better - Who figured Lil' Nate and Big Baby would be playing crunchtime minutes. Rasheed Wallace is defending the post and those Robert Horry 3's are finally falling. Tony Allen is making Kobe work. Who saw this coming?

Change The Format Back, Please! - I hate this 2-3-2 format with a passion, and David Stern should change it. There's really no point. Teams travel in AirForce-1 level accommodations, so travel shouldn't be an excuse. How dumb is it to reward the team with the lesser record by giving them a 3 game stretch at home?

Still, The Lakers Will Prevail - As I told ya'll before, supporting cast or not, Kobe is in Dynasty-building mode right now, and nobody is going to stop him. I see an easy Lakers win tonight, followed by an epic Game 7 which will probably be the most watched NBA game of all time. Expect greatness from Kobe, we're talking 50 point for-the-ages Kobe in Game 7.

Question: How can the Lakers get back in this series? What happened to Kobe's supporting cast?

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