Friday, June 25, 2010

Get On Your SoapBox Day.

Not that you didn't already notice, but it's been a real struggle for me to deliver the usual quality of daily posts here of late. The Day Job's been kickin' my butt even more than usual, I been back on the road, The Fam needs their time, and something's gotta give. Lately, it's been this blog.

I appreciate everyone that rolls thru everyday to help keep this thing going. Without you guys, there would be no reason for this blog, so pat yourselves on the back.

Anyways, today, the floor is open. You guys have proven to be a relatively self-sustaining online community. So, start some chatter amongst yourselves. Drop links. Get it poppin'. If you've ever wanted to write your own post for the rest of AverageNation™ to respond to, this is your day!

Just in case you guys are equally strapped for ideas, here's a few to mull over:

NBA Draft - The Wiz picked John Wall, which more or less makes them the winners. How'd your team do? What's up with all these squads dumping salary for Lebron though? Miami, New York, and Chicago all have lots of cap room, but someone's gonna get screwed when the dust settles.

Obama's General Problem - I didn't do a post on the whole Rolling Stone brouhaha because honestly, I don't give a sh*t, but what do ya'll think? Did Obama do the right thing?

Tiki Barber - Man, this guy's divorce/custody battle is real grizzly. You could argue that he bought a lot of this on himself by creepin', but there's always two sides to every story. Still, $150k/month in support? No way.

iPhone 4 Lines - Sorry, if you stand in line for more than 24 hours to buy anything, you are a loser. It's called pre-ordering, folks. Get familiar.

Financial Reform Bill - Raise your hand if you honestly have any clue what this accomplishes. Be honest.

Rand Paul Is A Jackass - Turns out this guy wasn't even a licensed eye doctor. Great job, Kentucky!

More Obama Navel Gazing - Wingnuts and Health Nuts equally enraged that Obama takes Russian President to greasy spoon for burgers and fries.

Okay, have at it kids.

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