Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Elin Woods Is One Cold-Hearted Chick.

No matter how you spin it, reality is, the court system is simply not fair to men when it comes to matters of child and spousal support. We all know that dude who's found himself financially destitute and living in a van down by the river when his marriage went south either by his own doing or that of his spouse. It doesn't matter, 99 times out of time, the guy's gonna lose. It's just like that.

Few folks would disagree that Tiger Woods has put Mrs. Tiger through some scandalous sh*t. Few folks would also disagree that Mrs. Woods deserves a nice financial parting gift for all of her trouble. But just how much is enough?
Tiger Woods will reportedly pay Elin Woods $750 million, including the $80 million new mansion just being completed in Jupiter, Fla., in their impending divorce, sources say.

In addition, Elin is requiring that Tiger not expose their children to any future female companions "unless he is married to said person."

Tiger and his legal team apparently spent a lot of time writing language preventing any Elin tell-all or media interviews by Elin, but the Swedish native is "so private. The last thing she would ever do is revisit this horrible period in her life," a longtime Florida friend said of her.

Custody remains an issue, with the two differing over how much time the Woods children will spend outside the United States. Elin Woods (AP)the United States. Elin is pushing for much more than what Tiger wants.
So, dude is reportedly worth only $600M, but she can hit him up for a cool $750M, which basically makes him an indentured servant? The f*ck?!? What part of the game is that?

Question: Even if you agree that Tiger messed up, is a $750M settlement really fair? Why doesn't the issue of unfair treatment in divorce/child support proceedings ever become a hot button political issue?

Divorce reportedly will cost Tiger $750 million [People]

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