Monday, June 28, 2010 NewsBriefs - BET Awards Edition.

Another tough week ahead. We'll get back to our regularly scheduled features soon, but till then, here's the rundown.

The BET Awards - Folks, lets stop hatin'. Sure, it's easy to keep poppin' sh*t about how bad BET used to be, but the network's not half bad anymore. No, I don't care for those reality shows either, but they're hardly the biggest problem black America has. I can give credit where it's due. The BET Awards was well done, very entertaining, and very low on overall coonery. Can we give these folks some credit, for slowly, but surely getting it right?

Chris Brown - I still can't figure out of C-Breezy was actually crying during his MJ tribute, or if that was a rare stroke of PR brilliance, but what's certain is that guy has his career back now. He atoned for the whole Rihanna thing. He paid his debt to society. Let the man breathe. On a related note: I sure hope Trey Songz invested well, cause his 14 minutes are over.

Twitter, FTW! - What did black people do before Twitter? I'm still trying to remember, but what's clear is that an "event" like the BET Awards is 20x better if you're following your timeline.

Elena Kagan Confirmation - Sorry, I don't care one bit. The fact that yet another qualified black woman was passed up for a SCOTUS nod, just so Obama can check everything on his 2012 demographic "To Do" list irks me. If this makes me racist, then so be it.

Chris Henry RIP - An autopsy is now revealing that recently deceased Bengals WR Chris Henry suffered a form of degenerative brain damage as a result of all those hits, which contributed to his death. It's time for the NFL to get serious about head injuries and do something about it. Yeah, it's a man's sport, but that doesn't mean something can't be done to make it safer for these guys longterm.

Bob Byrd RIP - Meh.

USA Loses To Ghana - Who cares? No, seriously, who cares? America didn't care about soccer two weeks ago and now that our team's out of the World Cup, won't care about it two days from now. Just bein' honest.

Jan Brewer Must Be Stopped - She now refers to all illegal aliens as "drug mules". [Insert your own punchline about Jan Brewer's face here.]

Question: What did you think of the BET Awards? Was Chris Brown sincere, fakin', or both?

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