Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The AB2010 Campaign Starts Today!!!

With the obvious exception of comments, blogging is really a thankless endeavor. Few of us do this for money (as if), and most bloggers I know have to sacrifice personal and family time to keep things running. Mix in a difficult Day Job, and sometimes I wonder how I manage to provide running commentary on this strange world we live in 7 days a week. But somehow, I do. Of course, none of this would make any sense if there weren't people willing to log in and read it, so as always, I thank you guys.

That said, it's also not like I don't have an ego that sometimes needs to be stroked. And to be perfectly honest, while I haven't actively pushed for my readers to nominate and vote for me in the annual Black Weblog Awards[1], I'd be lying if I said I wasn't slightly salty to watch the returns come in with my name conspicuously absent the last couple of seasons. So before I get all Susan Lucci up in this piece, I'm gonna have to ask ya'll for a favor.

The BWA's are accepting nominations for Best Blog in a number of different categories from now till mid-July. Please don't wait till the last minute to go vote, because as we all know, that sometimes results in some very strange outcomes.

Word to Alvin Greene.

The process is simple, head over there and nominate me (or your other 2nd favorite blogger) for something, anything. Actual voting (this is essentially the primary) begins in August, I'll hit ya'll up again when we cross that bridge.



[1] I know, I know. I've won one of these already, back in's first year, so it's not like I'm on some Karl Malone/Charles Barkley "never got a raing" sh*t. Still, I want more, so nominate me already.

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