Thursday, June 3, 2010

3 Play Thursday - EPMD.

It's 3 Play Thursday. Today: Legendary Rap Duo EPMD.

About a year ago, I ran a poll here asking who ya'll thought was the greatest rap duo of all time, with "duo" being defined as two guys who roc the mic, DJ's not included. Surprisingly, in a show or either demographics, geography, or just plain ole' lack of hip-hop knowledge, my readers selected Outkast as the GDOAT. Naturally, as an 80's baby and a hip hop purist, I disagreed. No disrespect to Andre and Big Boi, but they are no Errick and Parish.[1]

EPMD (Cyber CapriSuns© to the first person to tell me what this is an acronym for) was biggest during rap music golden age (88'-94', depending on whom you ask), but their music is timeless. From funk samples like "You Gots To Chill", the albums-long "Jane" series, to posse cuts like "Rampage", their discography is deep. They are also responsible for putting on acts like Das Efx, Redman, and Keith Murray. Who exactly has 3-Stacks put on? The first person to type the words "Slimm Cutta Calhoun" is getting his IP address flagged.

Anyways, here's a trio of my favorite EPMD tunes. Cop them headphones and go in.

"You Gots To Chill"


"The HeadBanger"

Question: What's your favorite EPMD tune? Why don't Errick and Parish don't get more props as hip hop legends?

[1] Errick Sermon inexplicably follows me on Twitter. Go figure.

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