Sunday, May 9, 2010

What's On AB's iPod?!? - Phil Ade.

I haven't done "What's On AB's iPod?!?" in a sec, so consider this the reincarnation.

If you somehow missed the Phil Ade boat, you might wanna go cop Starting On JV, which was easily one of the 10 best albums I heard last year. Don't worry, it's free, go get it. Sure, it's a little old, but since he finally dropped a video for "Always There", I figured better late than never.

I'm not just talkin' the guy up cause he's from the DMV. He's pretty entertaining lyrically, the album is definitely a departure from the crap you typically hear on urban radio, and besides, for those in the DC Urreah, just count all the familiar places in this video.

Ok, I'm headed to Tastee Diner right now.

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