Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Praying For John Wall.

I did something last night that I've never done in my 36 29 years of life. I actually prayed to God to determine the outcome of a sporting event.

No, I'm not talking about Lakers/Suns, cause I'm not even sure the man upstairs could have held Kobe under 30 last night.[1] I'm talking about tonight's NBA Draft Lottery, also known as The Donald Sterling Invitational, during which the draft order of non-playoff teams will be determined. For those clueless, this also will determine which team lands Kentucky PG, and fellow Raleigh, NC native, John Wall, a guy considered the best pure prospect to enter the game since King James himself.

Wall is the kind of player that will sell millions of jerseys, and likely rescue a franchise from the dregs of the Association for the next decade. Heck, the guy's so marketable he even started a pseudo dance craze in his single year at college.

And yes, I want the Wizards to end up with that #1 pick, so the vestiges of our recent season from Hell become distant memory. Of course, the franchise's turrible history in the lottery makes this likely another disappointing night. In 12 of the team's 13 lottery appearances, they've either lost positioning or failed to move up. The single time they did advance, they actually got the #1 pick. Any NBA fan knows just how well that one worked out.

So, we'll see. Please Lord, let them balls fall in the right order.


Question: Which team most DESERVES to win the John Wall Sweepstakes?

[1] Jest, folks. It's called jest.

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