Friday, May 21, 2010

Poll Position: We Gettin' Obama Money!!!

Last week, when the Dow was yo-yo'ing, I wondered how everyone else's 401k looked, so I posed a simple question: Under Obama, has your financial situation gotten better or worse?

The answers were pretty predictable.

So, most of ya'll say things aren't much different under Obama than under Bush. I guess if I gotta look at everything in aggregate, I'd say I'm slightly better off. My retirement savings are finally rebounding to something resembling the pre-recession numbers, mostly because I wisely reallocated to some very conservative holdings when I saw the ship sinking. After some nervous moments early last year, my Day Job is on stable footing, and I've even gotten a promotion. But my home's value has bottomed out, and will probably take another decade to get back to what I purchased it for. Then again, with the Making Work Pay tax credit, among other things, I got a great tax refund this year. So, mixed bag I suppose.

What say ye'?

Question: Has your financial situation improved, gotten worse, or stayed the same since Obama took office.

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