Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Open Topic Day.

I'm on my grizzly this week, and today I'm in lovely Pittsburgh with a full schedule and a slow Internet connection. I'm sure you already know where this is going. For those of you expecting fresh drops daily, sometimes it beez like this. Bills gotta get paid. Kids can't eat web hits.

[Cop the headphones and cue the city-appropriate soundtrack.]

Anyways, here's a handful of topics I'd prolly blog about if I had a spare waking moment. If you got something else for the peanut gallery, throw it out there.

Darlin' Nikki - What is it with these Sarah Palin endorsees? And what is it with South Carolina politicians and loose zippers? As if Mark Sanford wasn't bad enough, now aspiring Governor Nicki Haley has a Conservative blogger claiming she carried on a longtime affair with him. I don't know any of the related parties well enough to make a call on this one, but in a strange way it's refreshing to find a guy making the philandering claims. I'm just sayin', after all those Tiger Babes, we needed a switchup. Chances are this guy's lyin' on his **** just for some free pub, but you gotta wonder why he'd make something like this up. I could see lyin' about gettin' it in with Halle Berry, or somebody like that. Haley is no Halle.

Is Sestak Lyin'? - Pennsylvania Senate candidate Joe Sestak claims Obama and Co. bribed him with a cushy gubb'ment job if he'd step aside and allow Arlen Specter to win the Democratic primary nod. Of course, Sestak beat Specter handily, and now he's singin' like a bird. The White House is denying everything. Personally, I believe Sestak, but don't really see the point in bringing this up after the fact. You won. Keep it movin'. Chances are you'll prolly need Obama on your side at some point, and you don't want any ill will. Shut up already.

Fergie's Under-The-Table Money - Man, has there been a more humiliating case of "the ***** set me up" since Marion Barry's episode?

Don't Ask, Don't Tell, Don't Care - It doesn't effect me in any way, shape, or form, but I suppose any advance in civil rights is good for all humanity.

Put The Brooms Up - I spoke too soon. Both the Tragic and the Suns managed a win, which I'm sure makes the folks at TNT happy, but only prolongs the inevitable Lakers/Suns Final.

Cavs Fire Mike Brown - I have no idea how this marginally talented James Evans lookalike ever got the sweet gig coaching Lebron, but aften getting outclassed year after year in the playoffs, Mike Brown finally got his walking papers. All jokes aside, he seems like a classy guy, and did a good job of managing egos. BTW, Stan Van Gundy should also on the the hot seat.

Question: What you got to say? Speak on it.

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