Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Happy Trails, Lebron.

Since everyone else is totally and completely overreacting to that Cavs a$$whipping last night, I figured I'd get in on the sweet action myself. Sure, the Cavs are only down 3-2, and could just as easily come back and win the next two games to keep their title hopes alive, but where's the fun in that scenario for armchair GM's?

Yep, it's our prerogative too, Bron Bron.

Nope, it's far more fun doing premature doom and gloom, so I present to you the following.

Why Lebron Will Leave
  • It's Cleveland.
  • The Knicks will find a way to surround him with both Chris Bosh and Joe Johnson.
  • He'll join D-Wade in South Beach.
  • He's more concerned with becoming a billionaire than a champion.
  • He didn't change that jersey number to 6 so he could sell more cheesy Cavs jerseys.
  • Mike Brown is in waaay over his head, yet again.
  • He's always wanted to be a Clipper.
  • It's Cleveland.
Why Lebron Will Stay
  • He's not a quitter.
  • The Cavs will overpower this batch of geriatric Celtics and come Monday, we'll all be talking about how his legendary Game 7 performance is one of the best ever.
  • The Cavs have a pretty good team around him already. It would take 2-3 years to build a similar team elsewhere.
  • Mike Brown will be mercifully relieved of his duties and replaced by Pat Riley.
  • The Cavs will win the NBA championship this year.
  • He's one of the 12 people in the world that actually likes Cleveland.
Question: What do you think? Will Bron Bron stay or will he go? If he leaves, where is he headed? Can the Cavs dig themselves out of this 3-2 hole? Does Lebron's standing as an elite player suffer if he fails to make it out of this round?

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